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The Saturday Sale - Southern California Spring 2010

The Saturday Sale

Many different manufacturers have showrooms, for women, men and children apparel.  Though each Saturday Sale is different you'll spot names such as Alberto Makali, XCVi, Hudson, City Girl, Rampage, Calvin Klein, Bijoux Bijoux, Pepe, Nu Paris, Single, Streets Ahead, My Tribe, and Velvet Torch

Admission is $1
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The Saturday Sale

Saturday May 29th
, 2010 @ 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM

The Saturday Sale

110 East 9th Street
Los Angeles, California 90079

The Saturday Sale at the California Market Center is freeway close in the downtown Los Angeles fashion district.

From the 110 freeway, exit 9th Street and go east. The main entrance is on Olympic Blvd.


California Market Center: enter at Main Street or Los Angeles Street. Take escalators down to the sale/exhibit hall.

There is also outdoor parking on Main Street between 9th and Olympic. Walk to the Olympic Blvd. entrance.

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