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Cannonball Bounce for the iPhone - Online 24/7

Cannonball Bounce for the iPhone

Michael Wildermuth,'s webmaster, created his very own iPhone game.  It's a physics puzzle game that features 100 unique and challenging levels.  The goal is simple, you move blocks around the screen, aim your cannon and try to shoot your cannonball into a target.  Eventhough the play mechanic is easy, the challenge is not.  This game gets progressively harders.  If you are a puzzle fan you'll love this game. 

There are many obstructions and environemental changes that keep this game fresh thoughout all 100 levels!  He split the levels into 5 different worlds, with each world changing how you play.  The worlds are World 1(normal), Gravity (adds gravity), Space (adds Space like gravity), Mirrored (dual cannons), and WTF (Reverse gravity plus more).

I love it, I am personal on the Space world.  The low gravity effects on the ball in the Space world are so much fun!

Michael Wildermuth is a software engineer, who helps keep running.  He helped create the page, setup the newsletters, moderates the page, and brings it back up if it goes down.  Basically this page wouldn't run without him.

Show Michael and some support and check out his game. Here is the app store link:

Reviews: (4.5/5) Stars, "... Cannonball Bounce is a wonderful game,  puzzle game fans would love spending their time with and a perfect deal for just 99 cents.", "... In Cannonball Bounce, the arrangements and challenges are many and this physics puzzles is hard to put down.", "...people of all ages will enjoy this game.", "...Cannonball Bounce is a gem..."

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Cannonball Bounce for the iPhone